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Welcome to Computer iCamp at Gladys Wood Elementary.  This is the seventh year that we’ve offered this camp at Gladys Wood. Why call it Computer icamp you may ask well since many of the programs we will be using start with an ‘i’ I thought Computer iCamp would fit well as the title.

I’ve taught in the ASD for 16 years(8 in 4th grade and 8 in 6th).  I’m also the building technology contact (that means everyone comes to me with their computer troubles), a TTL (Technology Teacher Leader), an MTTL (Master Technology Teacher Leader), and I’ve taken many, many technology classes.  I’m very experienced with using the Mac software and have taught my students how to make short movies, commercials, multimedia presentations, podcasting, blogging, vlogging, designing a website, and much more. 

My philosophy with technology in the classroom is that the students and I are on an adventure together to learn the tools and develop products using the tools we’ve learned.  I know a lot about the programs but we all discover new things about the program and really learn how to trouble shoot. 

With the sessions I plan on teaching the students what I know and letting them explore the programs to develop one or several products with that program.  At the end of each session we’ll burn our final products on to a CD that the campers will be able to take home.

The sessions will be structured with learning time, exploration time, production time, and time away from the computer screen (we’ll get up and stretch and even take a stroll outside if it is nice). 

Computer iCamp

For more information call or e-mail Tyler Beardsley

Phone:  280-8227


To register you can either mail your registration form to Gladys Wood or come on by and register during the day.

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